Thursday, August 28, 2008

you sleep there.. right there. in the middle of the field, there.

So we had our annual Ward Campout last weekend. It was a blast. The kids had lots of fun, lots of candy, lots of running around. Pretty much a lot of NON supervision. We adults had more important things to do like play Hand and Foot. Anyway, when we pulled in we were one of the last ones to arrive, can you believe that. Brian actually works for a living and can't get out of work early for camping. What ever! Anyway, we get there and pretty much all the spots were taken except for the ones that required above ground sleeping.. like you know, on stilts, above the water. Since we left THAT tent at home we were forced to sleep in the middle of the field right next to the big bonfire. Hmmmm.. can anyone say 'Thanks Freebairns for saving us a spot??" LOL. so, ya, this is our tent, in the field. It worked out fine. Not my fault when Maddy woke up at 2am and screamed her head off for a good 15 minutes and woke up most the camp... if we were in a spot on the side in the back of the campground you all would have slept way more peaceful! hahahahaha

this is a picture from Brian and Maddy's morning walk to the lake.
This is so beautiful. We live in the prettiest place on planet Earth. I know, true huh??! Its naturally breathtaking.

Get out of your babies bed!

Madelyn thought that the FAKE baby was getting better sleeping arrangments apparently. She kicked out her baby and climbed on in.. now remember, this crib is BIG ENOUGH FOR A FAKE BABY not a beast Madelyn's size. What a silly girl

Boys are afraid of dinosaurs....

Brandon and Malaki afraid of dinosaurs....ok well actually it's only Brandon that is afraid of dinosaurs.. LOL! Madelyn heard one of the animatronic dinosaurs roar and she ran behind me and screamed. It was so cute. Wish I had a picture of that! This is a picture of Hannah and I outside of OMSI in front of the huge dinosaur. notice we aren't scared hehe