Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michael just keeps 'em comin..

Michael is our child that makes us laugh uncontrollably! Here is another gem..

Yesterday I asked Mikey to go look for his little sister and make sure she was OK and not getting into anything she isn't supposed to..so a few minutes later he comes back and says "mom, madelyn is playing in her room with her toys." I said thanks to him and he went away to play.

About 20 minutes later (after I was done prepping for dinner) I go to look for Madelyn and she is not anywhere to be found... I go into my room and what do I find?? Not Madelyn.. but proof that she has been there. Brian's misc. drawer was open and money was everywhere (all change). My makeup drawer was open and my make up was drawn on the carpet, and my shoes were everywhere. I called for Michael and I said.."so were these the toys she was playing with??" He says sorry to me and apologizes for lying and says he wont do it again. I asked him to please help me clean up the mess. He was happy to help. One of the other kids called me so I left Mikey in there while I went to the LR. I'm in the LR talking to Hannah and Michael comes out, doing some silly whistling thingy, looking at me as we goes to walk up the stairs... HE IS SO HIDING SOMETHING.. he has that guilty look.... I said "Michael, whats in your pockets?" he says nothing. I said "Come here." he comes over. he shows me his pockets, he even goes as far as to jump up and down to show me that there is nothing in his pockets... I said "give me your hands." he just looks at me and opens them. Snuggled nicely in his left hand is about $3.00 in change..LOL. I said, "Uh, is this yours?" he said no. I asked him to please go put it back in dads drawer. He says ok. A minute later he comes back and goes to go upstairs and this time he's humming... again, guilty! So I said, "Michael, open your mouth!" He walks over, opens it, and there inside are 3 quarters! LOL!!!!! I said "uh, ya, I'm smarter than you! Don't try this again!" He spits them out and then gets sent to his room for a time out....

what a dork! He finally made it to his room though!