Monday, July 28, 2008

how to relax....

I had to include this last photo. Madelyn taking a sit.. strange considering when we are at the pool its me that is running around after her and all I really want to do is this.............

Human Canvas 101

This Is Maddy Using Herself As A Paint Canvas. How Is It That A 2 Year Old Can Find So Much Joy And Excitement From Painting Herself?? So Intriguing! Love Kids And Their Creative Juices......

ps... I dont think much made it onto the paper... infact, where is the paper??!!??

Giggling girls

So this is Abbey and me having fun. We decided to give Spencer a photography lesson. So this is his lesson and our chance to be silly girls. I am not sure who had more fun? I wish I could bottle up Abbey's giggles and play that for you while you look at these pictures. Abbey is such a girly girl and loves to giggle. Taking silly pics just encouraged that! =) Thanks Abb's for the pics and memories. Love you. Oh ya, and props to Spencer. Good job dude!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Fun in the Sun

This here is Hannah's own personal wave machine..... a baby floaty toy! I bought this for Maddy in hopes to get her over her fright of the pool. How fun would that be to float around in? Took 3 suckers and a lot of convincing before she finally screamed enough that we figured we best take her out and try again another day. Seriously, 3 suckers.! But then Hannah figured if Maddy didn't want to play in it then she would.... this is what I walked outside too... so fun to be a kid!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer pics

I thought this was a very handsome picture of my sweetie pie and wanted you all to know it's true so don't deny it... hehe

this was a candid shot and I love it. Hannah just on her own leaned up and kissed Daddy on the cheek and he LOVED it. Precious moments.

here are the rest of the monkeys.

Seriously... can't we take ONE nice family picture??? DANG BOYS!!!

Happy and safe 4th of July!

This is our homemade 4th of July! It was so fun. In Washington we are allowed to set off our own fireworks and what a display Brian did for our family. Good job sweetie! He spent a pretty penny on them but it was worth it. Very fun to spend time together, not get hurt, and see pretty lights! HEHE such good times.

Another of our spectacular fireworks.