Friday, June 12, 2009

missed a scheduled event.. this is the result...

OH my gosh dear friends... This morning I had the worst experience in my life and of course, I have to blog about it.

It started a week ago... I was vacuuming my living room and my vacuum pretty much died. I tried to fix it.. to no avail. So, I have been living with no vacuum for about a week. I have 4 children, daycare, and a dog. I do have a very small little vacuum thing that is about 20 years old. lol and I have been using that as much as possible. But that doesn't clean much. just surface cleaning, barely. K, so 3 days ago I was playing Basketball and my back started to hurt really really bad. I finished the game and that was the last physical activity of any kind that I have had for 3 days. I haven't cleaned my house, I haven't put away laundry, I haven't done dishes, I barely got my kids to school this morning. I finally got out of bed about 930 and slowly make it to the shower... I get out of the shower and my son says to me.. Jeff called. JEFF?? who's that?? About 1 min. later the phone rings and at that exact moment I see out of my bedroom window a strange man in the backyard, with a tape measure, and I remember.. THAT'S JEFF!!!! See, we are trying to re-fi our house right now and BofA sent out an appraiser.. JEFF! UGH. I quickly threw on what was closest to my hands... my pajamas... and ran out side to see if I could find him. He was just coming around the corner and says, HI, I need to see the inside of your house. I about died. The inside of MY HOUSE??? does he know that I have been incapacitated for the better part of this week and that my vacuum broke???

So, instead of telling you about my complete embarassment and total lack of preparation.. I would like to just show you.
I hope you enjoy and remember.. if your back is out, CALL A MAID!!!!!