Friday, May 30, 2008

Our latest trip with the Ottley's , Gleneden Beach, Oregon

have to have the night of smores on the beach. That is a Coleman/Ottley tradition.... And both years we froze!!!! This isn't California People!! ugh.

this is the living room of the house we stayed at. It was RIGHT on the water. We learned, once we got there, that the house (2 years previous) nearly washed into the ocean. Apparently there was a massive storm that lasted like 3 days and the ocean washed away all of the yard and took 5 feet of the foundation with it. They had pictures there at the house for people to look at. Good thing I didn't know this BEFORE booking the vacation. I so would not have gone there. As it turned out, we had a great time and rarely thought about the house falling into the ocean....

Madelyn and Me enjoying our Mothers Day on the sand.... Brian was in Seattle so I made my own Mothers Day Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yum Lasagna.. GAG!!

our own personal path to the water from the backyard. This was an amazing house.

my 4 little munchkins. This was about 1 hour after we got to the house on Mothers Day. We of course had to play in the water (ya, I know, it was Sunday but we were on vacation all of you!!!). We came back to the house, got in the hot tub to warm up, made dinner and then watched the sun set over the water. The kids were very excited to go to bed as the room they shared had 2 very cool bunk beds in it! What a great time we had making memories, spending time together, laughing together, playing in the water together. I recommend every family at least ONCE in their life (if possible) rent a house on the water and see what happens.... its a transformation!
can someone please help Brandon get this kite in the air??

Maddy's favorite thing was to play in the sand and transfer sand from one bucket to the next. Apparently she thought this was a cool piece of sand... ?!!

I am sure they are devising a plan on how to conquer the tide....

I REMEMBER DOING THIS WITH LISA MERRILL! I remember standing there, just like that and yelling "bring the big mama!" *that was what we called the big waves* remember this Lisa???

How Did All You Rocks Get In My Pocket??

This is Brandon emerging from being burried in the sand by Mom. That was fun!!

can someone please tell me where the SUN went?

this is Hannah, true to her free spirit nature. Who cares if the water is 50 degrees!??

Michael cares if the water is 50 Degrees.. .shorts and a sweater! way to stay warm Mikey

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness. These waves just keep coming

Life of Brian

Has anyone ever turned down a job offer, accepted a job offer, and turned down a job offer ALL FOR THE SAME JOB??

Ya, me neither.

But Brian has!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

anyone want to go swimming in my car?

Brian took me on a date on Friday. Johnny took Jackie on a date on Friday. We all 4 went together. We went and saw Indiana Jones. It was awesome. Some point in the movie there was a very loud bang/crack/crash sound and we all individually thought to ourselves.."wow, that other movie next door is loud... or that sound didn't fit in our movie." those were the thoughts going through our heads, at the same time, with out eachother knowing it. So, onward. The rest of the movie went off with out a hitch. We are walking out when it was over and a YW from our ward is a "popcorn girl" as Brian so affectionately named her.. and she says to us, "there was a HUGE thunderstorm and I guess everything is flooded outside, there was water spilling over the roads" we were like, NO WAY! that was the sound we heard. Cool! We go outside, lots of water everywhere but doesn't seem soo bad, we approach Brian's car and realize it is all fogged up! I am wondering why? Didn't take long to figure out why. Brian, in his infinite wisdom, left ALL 4 windows open, just a crack....... we learned that JUST A CRACK can amount to a lot in a massive downpour rainstorm. Needless to say, we had to go back inside and ask our friend for 4 trash bags so that we could sit on them. The car was soaked! Brian had a book sitting in the middle of the back seat. He picked it up and there was an outline of the book on the seat, a dry spot amongst the wet! When Jackie got in the car the water on the floor spilled over the top of her flip flops and soaked her feet! it was wet~! It took about 4 days and one evening leaving the car running with the heater on full blast to dry it out. What fun!

Brian learned to never ever EVER leave his windows cracked in the Northwest. Thanks for the fun Bro!!

Monkey boy does it again..

So this afternoon Michael and I had a little disagreement... he got upset with me and storms off and yells "you are acting just like Rosie!" (for those of you who don't know my neighbors, Rosie is a lady that lives on our block that is pretty nasty to the children). So, I said "Michael, come back here. What does that mean?" He looks at me, throws his hands in the air Coleman style and yells "I have NO idea!"

I laughed. he grinned. we were friends again.

Friday, May 23, 2008

my mouth is frozen, my mouth is frozen, MY MOUTH IS FROZEN! See Mom, I told you that ice didn't hurt my tummy and that is why I want to eat it all day... Now do you understand why?? I am Kassidy McBurney and my Mom and Dad are Danny and Lisa and they have a couple of other kids, but they love me the most. One of their kids they names Chandler (and he's cute but has long toe nails..) and the other one is named uh, kitty?? I don't remember, shows you how much I care..

anyway, I have pretty eyes and I am borrowing Maddy's bathing suit. I like it! I might put it in my suitcase and wear it when I get home.. shh!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

sassy lady

this is abbey and I think she thinks that I think she is getting away with something but she clearly thinks wrong cuz I am smart and I know that she has a bucket full of candy and she is supposed to share her spiderman eggs with the others and as soon as we all sit at the table to show eachother the goods we have someone is going to spot those extra spiderman eggs and say "ABBEY THINKS SHE CAN HAVE ALL THESE!!!!!" and the war will be on!

k BAILEY, this is Easter and this is my nephew and isn't he sweet! Who would have thought he gives his teacher such a hard time.. .HEHE.

Now I get it....

Something happened just now that I thought was so funny and I wanted to share it with someone and realized..... I have a blog spot......

So, Maddy turned 2 the other day and for her bday we got her a cute baby that cry's, laughs, makes sounds when it drinks, makes sounds when it uses the teething ring, etc. Very cute baby and Maddy (I think) thinks in some way she is real! When the baby cries, Maddy throws the baby down, points to it, and says UH OH!! with a very concerned look on her face. When the baby laughs, Maddy picks it up, hugs it, and laughs with it.. so the baby's name is Rae Rae. Just about 3 minutes ago it started to just downpour. I can hear Maddy outside my window so I know she is out there playing. I wait to hear her come in and she doesn't... so I go and look...... Maddy is standing on the trampoline with Rae Rae in her hand, blanket around her and points to Rae Rae, smiling, and says " WA WA!" (wa wa is water). I laughed! Nice babysitting job Maddy!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I dunno I felt left out....

That pretty much sums up my one weak moment of giving in to the blogger social pressure. Thanks family! Thanks friends! I'm in. (famous last words) So I kinda think of this blog thing like writing in a journal, so don't expect much from me. The last time I wrote in my journal was during those sleepless hours of new babyhood. Thankfully Madelyn sleeps a lot better now.. to bad she sleeps a lot better now. My journal hasn't had an entry for 1+ years...... oh well, here we go again!